Sonic Traces App

!!! Attention !!! ++ Bookings Closed for this Season ++ !!! Attention !!!

There’s never been a stage tour like this before!

From 2021, the Mörbisch Lake Festival will be taking a revolutionary approach when it comes to stage tours. As the first cultural event organiser worldwide, we will no longer be offering guided tours for festival guests in groups. Instead, we will provide our visitors a completely new kind of guided tour experience by means of a smartphone app.

Equipped with the SONIC TRACES app, West Side Story guests can virtually immerse themselves in 1950’s New York and hear sounds, narratives and moods via their headphones. Would you like to be there for a conversation with the founder of the Mörbisch Lake Festival and his wife? Would you like to hear Leonard Bernstein telling his wife Felicia Montealegre about the making of West Side Story? Or how a New York policeman explains to a tourist the background of the gang wars that were happening at the time of West Side Story? A total of seven stations have been set up on the Lake Festival’s stage and grounds that you can wander through and where you’ll receive a wide variety of information about the play and the Mörbisch Lake Festival by means of Augmented Audio Reality. 

Be inspired by this completely new form of guided tour. What do you need? Your smartphone along with your headphones. If you don’t have your own headphones with you, you’re welcome to buy some from us for a fee of € 3. For a price of € 7, we’ll give you an experience that will inspire you. And a perfect introduction to West Side Story!+

Bookings closed for this Season!