Restaurant Meggyes – "The Land of Smiles"

Butter | red lentils-bell pepper spread | sesame-parsley spread | chili
Served with fresh baked goods | whole-wheat bread | crispy rye loaf

Starters Variation - served on a Mini-Étagère
„Beef Tartar meets Asia“ | pea-mint mousse | yellow radish | spicy scallions gel | Wan Tan chip

Marinated salmon sashimi | bunching onions | sesame-pineapple dressing | kaffir lime leaves

Pickled ewe’s cheese | tomato-chili confit | fine Chinese noodle salad | Thai basil

Clear miso soup | ginger | colorful vegetable | mushroom

Main course buffet
Each dish is freshly prepared à la carte right in front of you following our motto "each plate is a piece of art" 

Medium roasted beef tenderloin | wasabi-potato-crème | roasted pak choi | plum wine-jus

Crispy fried filet of zander | tomato-lentils-stew | coconut gratings | cilantro

Homemade Pasta – cream cheese raviol | lime | king oyster mushroom | pink peppercorn | tarragon

Dessert served
Tête-à-Tête of regional apples and lotus flower

Fine selection of Petit fours & sweets

NEW: Breaktime snacks
Red turkey curry | basmati rice | Thai chili & cilantro
Red Curry | roasted tofu | basmati rice | Thai chili & cilantro
served with non-alcoholic beverage, beer or wine

€ 49,00 per person
excl. beverages
Couvert p.p € 3,50

€ 70,00 per Person
inkl. beverages and Couvert

Dinner from 6.00 pm (July) or 5.30 pm (August) to 8.30 pm (July) or 8.00 pm (August) | Price incl. VAT.