Grüß enk Gott!

It’s back to the classics for the 2017 Seefestspiele Mörbisch! After an absence of almost 20 years, two of the most well-known characters from the operetta genre are returning to the lakeside stage in the form of Christel the postmistress and Adam the birdseller. Postal checks, confusion and intrigues of the heart - the "Bird Seller" combines all the classic ingredients of an operetta to masterful effect. "Grüß enk Gott, alle miteinander", "Ich bin die Christel von der Post" and "Schenkt man sich Rosen in Tirol" are well-known to operetta lovers around the world.


Adam, a bird seller from Tyrol, returns to the village in the Pfalz where his bride-to-be, Christel, awaits. Unfortunately, the wedding is repeatedly postponed due to lack of funds. The couple’s efforts to come up with the money lead to a misunderstanding which causes the break-up of their relationship. Several major obstacles must be cleared out of the way before the two lovers can fall into each other’s arms once more.